Parallels: Freeplay's 2017 Showcase. October 26th, 7PM-9PM!

Parallels highlights some of the most unique, exciting, experimental, and personal games being made in Australia's independent games scene today. Come and watch as local designers demonstrate and play their creations live on stage, and discuss their inspirations and creative passions. Discover new games and game makers, and find out what makes them tick. Join us on a journey to reveal the artistry and talent of Australia’s independent game makers. On for one night only during Melbourne International Games Week on Thursday, 26th October at 7PM. We hope to see you there!



Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand is a real-time story set in 1978 about a teenage girl who explores an airborne hospital and gets to know the patients within.

Totem Teller

Totem Teller is about discovering things alone. Explore a beautifully broken world of stories. Discover lost things in untold spaces. Choose how the story is Retold. Truth is in the Telling.

Putty Pals

Putty Pals is a colourful, bouncy, and squishy cooperative two-player platform puzzle game, challenging two players to communicate and solve problems together.

OfficeBots: Reality Bytes (VR)

OfficeBots: Reality Bytes is an interactive VR adventure game where you meet quirky robots who ended up working in a dreary office instead of following their dreams.

Road Trip & Do You Remember?

Road Trip is a short interactive piece that follows three friends on a road trip. Do You Remember is an atmospheric exploration game that tells a story of two lovers who have been separated from each other due to unfortunate events.

A Moment Between Us

A Moment Between Us is a collection of audio stories that are told simultaneously to multiple players. Each story requires two or more people who are in the same room as each other. After the stories are heard the players then come together to discuss how they felt.

Sandstorm, Reap & Planetarium

Sandstorm, Reap & Planetarium are games that entice a sense of exploration, discovery and feeling lost. Each game is full of hidden secrets and delightful surprises.

It Will Be Hard

It Will Be Hard is a 70-page erotic interactive comic. Using light choose-your-own adventure mechanics, YOU choose the nuances in the characters’ actions you wish to see in the story!

Action Loop

Action Loop is a 10 minute live art game by PlayReactive, a Melbourne-based play-making studio that creates unique interactive experiences, from videogames to installation art.


Florence is the story of the heartracing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman’s very first love. Players can experience every beat of Florence and Krish’s relationship through a series of bespoke gameplay vignettes.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a delightful game where you play as a horrible goose on a lovely weekday morning in the village.

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Freeplay in 2016

After our biggest festival and biggest year ever in 2015 — ten days! — this year, we’re doing things a little differently. The festival as an organisation is evolving, and that means that instead of focussing on our annual festival bringing together game-makers, artists, critics, and players for a weekend of talk and play, we’re going to do a series of stand-alone events across the whole year. This will help us restructure into something bigger, better, and stronger for the future, and we hope that we’ll be able to do lots of exciting things across the entire year as part of this shift. This doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about the festival — far from it, we’ve got big plans — but it does mean that for 2016, we’re seeing how we go with pushing our events across the full calendar year. So what’s happening in 2016? Well, first up, we can tell you about Composure: Game Music, a fantastic collaboration we’ve got happening with Arts Centre Melbourne focussing on videogames and music. It’s on Friday 29 April, and it’s free – grab your tickets here. Our panel of experts will include composer and musician Tim Shiel (composer for Duet and host of Something More on Double J & Triple J) as they discuss their experience in writing music for video games, and learn about their practice, and their creativity. We’ll also be running our Freeplay Awards in 2016 as its own event, and we’ll be opening for entries soon. Keep an eye out for our call for submissions. And finally, we’ll be running our successful Parallels Showcase for the third year running later in the year. We’re really excited about... read more

Important statement regarding Austin Wintory and Freeplay’s Symposium

Due to unforeseen and pressing circumstances, Austin Wintory, Freeplay’s 2015 keynote speaker, has had to return home to America immediately following his final Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance on Saturday evening. This means that Austin will be unable to attend the festival in person. Despite this unfortunate situation, Austin has very kindly agreed to video a keynote address which we will play exclusively for our Symposium audience. This is the same address that he had prepared for our festival. We are also putting together a few other plans to make this session special for our audience despite Austin’s physical absence. Freeplay understands and that many people will have booked their Symposium tickets hoping to see Austin speak live and that this situation will be greatly disappointing. We hope that you will enjoy Austin’s recorded address, but we are also happy to offer refunds for Symposium tickets for any that choose not to attend the event as the result of this situation. If you wish to cancel your ticket and receive a refund, please email Otherwise, we’d like to thank our Freeplay audience for their patience and understanding, and we’d like to wish Austin all the... read more