Freeplay Parallels Showcase 2015

October 24, ACMI, 7:30pm

Tickets are still available

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Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich is a role-playing game about a new job and the people above you in the food chain, made by Andrew Brophy.


Undercity_Discotech is a game about a bouncer of a nightclub in a future place long forgotten by the sunlight in the grip of neon and circuits, made by Chalk in Rain.

Vertex Meadow

Vertex Meadow is a process for generating 3D landscapes from 2D images in real-time with high levels of detail, made by Ian MacLarty.


Project Ven

Project Ven is an Anime/visual novel inspired ‘game’ set in a fantasy magic-realism version of Melbourne, centred around a fictional cafe/bar, by Joe Liu, Ngoc Vu, and Kevin Chen.

Broken Sounds

Broken Sounds is an installation game by Lee Shang Lun, Amani Naseem, and Harrison Smith, where one to three players explore a soundscape by moving a controller through space in a variety of ways. There are no instructions.

Untitled Project

This untitled project by Marigold Bartlett and Lizzie Bartlett is based on a series of intimate interviews with ANZAC veterans who had spent a period of their deployment in captivity.

Intergalactic Space Princess

Intergalactic Space princess is a hyperactive adventure game about mistaken identity and roaming across the galaxy, by Izzy Gramp and Laura Stokes.

Polymodal Arcade

Polymodal Arcade is a series of games about the way music and sound is abstracted spatially through notation, metaphor and language, by Andrew Trevillian.


Pluto is a transmedia project which incorporates an immersive 3D-based gameworld that delicately treads (and blurs) the line of fantasy and scientific realism, by Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell.


Paperbark is a typical story about the bush, a wombat and a very hot Australian Summer, by Nina Bennett, Kael Jessup, Terry Burdak, and Ryan Boulton.