Freeplay 2018 Online Sessions


3pm: Storytelling and Visual Novels

Pritika Sachdev, Barbara Kerr, Cassiel Merricat, Alison Huang, Abigail Adel, Tristan Barber

What is it about visual novels as a medium, that lends itself so willingly to those wanting to share their own personal stories, and how can designers continue to push this medium in the realm of indie games? Join us as we delve in to what makes a visual novel so unique in its approach to storytelling and giving people a voice.


5pm: Get In & Get Out: Escape Rooms

Elie Abraham & Laura E. Hall

Real world escape the room puzzle games are popular around the world, but their roots run deep in video game design. Get In, Get Out is a conversation that discusses the fundamentals of escape room design, the video games that influenced them, and what the future holds for the genre.


9pm: Alt / DIY Controls

Louis Roots, Tatiana Vilela dos Santos, Robin Baumgarten, Ramsey Nasser

The culture of creating alternative controls, custom DIY interfaces, and hacked hardware within the independent games scene has been gaining traction for some years now. Join a panel of experts and experienced developers, artists, and coders as they share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.


11pm: Success: the only race you’ll self-sabotage to win

Robin Vilain, Sybil Collas, Jason Imms, Tj Hughes, Emma Siu, Brianna Shuttleworth

The pressure to achieve some kind of success can take many forms. Maybe you’re working on your own game and worry it won’t get the critical acclaim you’re hoping for. Maybe you’re in AAA and you envy indies who do it all themselves, and wish your name was on the box for once. Maybe you’re a student, and you wonder how people behind major releases can pull it off. In this panel, we’ll talk about how all of this is counter-productive, and worse: detrimental to your health. Let’s dispel the notion that success is a race you need to win to be worth anything.


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1pm - Games in Focus: Lessons in Photography

Izzy Gramp, Myriame Lachapelle, EMiSpicer, Liam Wong

Ever wondered what it takes to photograph large scale games events and sweet parties? Curious about why it’s important to document and archive these moments in time? Wanted to learn more about how photography bleeds into game development? Join our online panel as they share their experiences in taking, editing, and archiving photos in and around games.


3pm: Is Making Games in South-East Asia The Dark Souls of Gamedev?

Brian Kwek, Gwen Foster, Hilmy Abdul Rahim, Kris Antoni, Tidarat Thanapakpawin

Many indies from South-east Asia have laboured on games that speak both to their homelands and English-speaking markets. However, South-east Asia bears a smorgasbord of barriers across language, culture, religion and government intervention. We’ll relate the challenges and triumphs of indies hailing from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.


5pm: Cardboard vs Bits: What Boardgames and Videogames Can Learn From Each Other

Steve Dee, Carl de Visser, Phoebe Wild, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir

In some ways the two fields are very different but as both of them boom into the mainstream, more and more of them are crossing over in audience and design. Join us as we peek over the wall at our digital and non-digital neighbours.


7pm: Body Play: How Dance and Games Intersect

Tim Snowdon, Sherveen Uduwana, Bilqis Hijjas, Adriaan de Jongh

From Dance Dance Revolution to Bounden to increasingly less obvious examples, we look at how games and game design has chosen to embrace dance, what the two artforms share, as well as what aspects of dance have yet to be really explored in games and vice versa.


11pm: Psychogeography, Games, Play

Marigold Bartlett, Vanessa Berry, Rosa Carbo-Mascarell, Sarah Brin

Psychogeography is about drifting through a landscape or space, paying attention to its details, and letting yourself fall into the hands of serendipity. As creatives, how do the things we make relate to the spaces and places we live in? Join our panel of four as they explore the intersections of psychogeography in urban space, games, and play.


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