Freeplay 2018 Workshops

We have some exciting 2-hour workshops at Freeplay this year, from theatre to zine making, to twine games, to alt control design. No prior knowledge is required. Some session may require you to bring your own laptop. Purchase your tickets before they run out!

All workshops take place at Library at The Dock, Performance Space, Level 2.

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Workshop: Theatre

Wednesday 23rd @ 10am-12pm

$20 full / $15 concession

HOST: Georgia Symons & Josiah Lulham

Theatre is the oldest artform on the planet. Videogames are one of the newest. So why do they have so much in common, and why are they suddenly co-mingling & producing theatre-game babies? Join theatre and game makers in a workshop focused on PLAY, the shared language of theatre and game design. Covering physicality & movement, writing exercises and a dash of site-specific performance, this workshop will be fun and engaging for everyone!

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Workshop: Twine Games

Thursday 24th @ 10am-12pm

$20 full / $15 concession

HOST: Snow McNally

Twine is a powerful tool for creating rich and dynamic interactive fiction, but its true value doesn’t lie in what it can do, but how easy it makes it for creators of all experience levels to do those things. Learn what makes it such an accessible tool and how you can use it to create powerful and impactful art regardless of your skill level, education or experience.

BYO LAPTOP – Please bring your own laptops for this workshop!

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Workshop: Zine Making

Thursday 24th @ 12:30pm-2:30pm

$20 full / $15 concession

HOST: Gemma Mahadeo

Join us as we explore the art of making zines – a history and a workshop! Participants will be viewing “game books”, and other playful zine formats. Newly qualified zine artists, will then be guided through making their own zines, using their own unique playful ideas.

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Workshop: Alt Control Design

Thursday 24th @ 3pm-5pm

$20 full / $15 concession

HOST: Louis Roots

Some of the best games have the simplest controls, and creating something bespoke doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. No electronics knowledge is required, anyone is welcome. Come and put together your own simple controller to take home with you!