Thank you to everyone who made Angles an amazing set of events! Before we decompress here’s a link to a feedback form so please help us out and fill it in:

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Activities kicked off with an amazing day by Melbourne Megagames showing their new work Ark. It was great to give the work the space it needed and players had a wonderful time getting into the intricacies of spaceship colonisation. We had originally planned a second day of Activities with boardgames and TTRPGs, however due to low sales and resources we had to cancel for this year, but we look forward to working with those communities next year!

The Conference opened with a heartfelt origin story from co-director Mads Mackenzie, and led into a thought provoking exploration of the human-made internet and the social web that may be lost to machines, a cautionary tale by Everest Pipkin, that served to highlight the physical social interactions over the week.

The ACMI X WIP Night was phenomenal, showcasing some truly experimental and innovative games, as well as the pervasive Team vs Team which sat in the corner throughout the conference pitting green and yellow lanyards against each other. The conference continued with stories of technology, family, intangible weirdness and tangible play. By the end of Friday the theatre was strewn with attendees across the stage and floor, before Kris Antoni Hadiputra regaled us with the account of his games career, showing the path from small games to owning a studio helping new small games.

Over the final day ACMI hosted workshops where creativity buzzed and ideas were thrown around, before heading to the Market to buy some zines and shirts, games and figurines, and everything else that was there. A fleeting friend accompanied the guests as they explored the maze of the Mission to Seafarers, with installations in the Dome and Chapel, as well as a selection of local games in the billiards room.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it happen. Have a squiz below for some amazing photos by the wonderful Matto Lucas.