In 2019, knowing several of our longest serving board members were planning to step down, we put out an open call for new board members for Freeplay.

The response was electric. Freeplay’s board serve as volunteers, overseeing the strategic direction and governance of Australia’s longest-running independent games festival, while supporting our tireless, incandescent Director and festival team. It humbled us that so many people feel passionately about the Festival – where we’ve been, and where we’re headed – that after 15 years, the ideas, spaces, and games of Freeplay still excite, challenge, and inspire. Thank you so much! <3

We’re delighted to welcome our five new board members. They are a radiant mix of individuals, some steeped in the Australian games landscape and others – in typical Freeplay fashion – completely new to it, but with a rich practice in other disciplines. You can read more about each of them in our About section. Jason Imms, Travis Jordan, Georgia Symons, Alice Pryor, Douglas Wilson – welcome!

Jason Imms

Travis Jordan

Georgia Symons

Alice Pryor

Dr. Douglas Wilson

We also offer the warmest of tributes to our departing board members Dr. Hugh Davies, Anna Burkey, Ben Chiverton, and Cameron Rogers for their profound contribution to Freeplay through some very *interesting* times. We owe you everything.

Finally, if you’ve read all the way to here, you must love us. 2019 was the year Freeplay celebrated its 15th year with our annual festival themed “introspection”, sold out The Capitol with Parallels 2019, partnered with Testing Grounds for Showtime Night Market, and co-hosted REFRESH with Yarra Libraries. If you’re as ready for 2020 as we are, we’d love to invite you to sign up to our resurrected mailing list. We will only send you good things.

The Freeplay Board.