Due to unforeseen and pressing circumstances, Austin Wintory, Freeplay’s 2015 keynote speaker, has had to return home to America immediately following his final Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance on Saturday evening.

This means that Austin will be unable to attend the festival in person.

Despite this unfortunate situation, Austin has very kindly agreed to video a keynote address which we will play exclusively for our Symposium audience. This is the same address that he had prepared for our festival.

We are also putting together a few other plans to make this session special for our audience despite Austin’s physical absence.

Freeplay understands and that many people will have booked their Symposium tickets hoping to see Austin speak live and that this situation will be greatly disappointing. We hope that you will enjoy Austin’s recorded address, but we are also happy to offer refunds for Symposium tickets for any that choose not to attend the event as the result of this situation. If you wish to cancel your ticket and receive a refund, please email [email protected].

Otherwise, we’d like to thank our Freeplay audience for their patience and understanding, and we’d like to wish Austin all the best.